Fathers Foundation Youth Empowerment Program

Empowering the Youth

The Fathers Foundation Youth Empowerment program is a community-based program that engages youth at an early age to help compensate for some of the losses traditionally experienced by at risk youth. 


The program initiatives mainly focuses on restoring family values, home and time management, positive family interactions, and parenting concepts.


Indianapolis youth between the ages of 9-17 that reside in the program target area of Marion County Indiana, may apply to FFYEP for enrollment in the various programs, activities and services designed for that age group.

Young adults between the ages of 18-25 that reside in the program target area of Marion County Indiana, may also apply to FFYEP enrollment. 

Y.E.P Programs

We offer a variety programs to teach youth and young adults various life skills, and to demonstrate positive, moral and ethical behaviors. Sign Up now to find out more and enroll.

Y.E.P Programs

Behavioral Program

The behavioral program offers youth participants emotional support, mentoring, youth leadership and family interactions to help develop their positive interpersonal and social problem-solving skills. 

Life Skills Program

The Life Skills program engages participants in social activities designed to foster their self sufficiency, stabilization and family betterment. Participants in this program attend nutrition classes, financial management, as well as skilled training in Automotive, Carpentry and Landscaping. Transportation support is also offered to program participant

Physical and Recreational Program

This program allows participants the opportunity to engage in physical activities to help direct youth into their daily routines. These routines include exercises such as aerobics, stretching, jogging and other activities that result in better health.

Youth/Parent Incentive Rewards

The project Incentive programs consists of educational and recreational trips, gifts, awards and ceremonies for successful achievements by project participants.